AOMSI Master Class 2022
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Dear Student Life members and life members of AOMSI,

Greetings from AOMSI. We are happy to welcome you to the master class and Viva session 2022.

The masterclass will involve numerous experts presenting on a series of topics and will serve as a forum for the trainees in preparing for the final year OMFS MDS examination. The presentations have been planned to cover the spectrum of Maxillofacial surgery. They have been designed to help the trainees defragment the curriculum, help imbibe the knowledge lucidly. The presentations will also include current literature. The topics covered involves questions repeated in the final year MDS exams. To augment the confidence of the exam-going trainees, a series of mock Viva Voces has also been planned to help prepare.

The specific highlights of the course include

  1. 1. Simplification of the syllabus
  2. 2. Exposure to all the topics
  3. 3. Presentations, diagram-based learning, exam-oriented training, and book references.

The master class is an excellent opportunity to learn the intended topics from a national expert

MASTERCLASS 4.3.2022 4.00pm to 9.00pm
5.3.2022 3.00pm to 9.00pm
6.3.2022 9.00am to 5.00pm
11.3.2022 3.00pm to 9.00pm
12.3.2022 3.00pm to 9.30pm
13.3.2022 9.00am to 5.00pm

Not to forget the success of last year’s viva sessions, which received a great response from the participants; this year's viva sessions have been arranged on the following dates.

9.00am to 6.20pm

Note : Each PG trainee will have two examiners for the viva session for 40 minutes

You may register for masterclass & Viva sessions together. Masterclass registration is open for SLM & LM, but Viva Sessions are open only for final year MDS, SLM members.

Best Wishes

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30 Mar 2022
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